There are many ways to remove unwanted hair. Women have been removing hair from their faces, arms, legs and bikini area for thousands of years.
The methods we will discuss are not new but greatly improved from their ancient predecessors. We will review the most common home hair removal methods to help you decide which may work best for you.

A little preparation can go a long way in making hair removal less irritating and more effective.
Here are a few tips you can apply to your daily routine that will help make your next hair removal experience go more smoothly.
  • Before any hair removal procedure, make sure your skin is clean and free from oils or moisturizers. Products on the skin can inhibit depilatories’ activating agents and waxes’ ability to grab hairs, making them less effective.
  • Between hair removal procedures, use a loofah sponge to help keep hair follicles free of ingrown hairs. Exfoliating scrubs can also be very beneficial
  • After your hair removal treatment, soothe the skin with a creme or gel to prevent bumps, redness and to relieve any irritation. Bikini Zone® Medicated Creme and Gel are perfect as post-hair removal treatments. They are dermatologist-tested and work immediately to reduce the irritation, pain and itching you may have after hair removal.

Hair removal Tips from Hair Off

Mittens and buffers are made from very fine abrasive fibers. With gentle pressure and a circular motion, you can buff away unwanted hair. The fibers actually grab the hair and remove it from the root or break it at skin level, depending on the length of the hairs. This method is inexpensive and leaves the skin very smooth. Just be sure not to press too hard or you will irritate the skin.
This method of hair removal can be done virtually anywhere and the results can last up to a week. Your skin will also stay smoother longer, since you’ve also exfoliated old skin.
Hair Off® has developed a Mitten for larger body parts like legs and underarms, along with a Facial Buffer with a unique tool for working on the facial area. Both use an exclusive SilCoat finish to gently and effectively remove unwanted hair, while smoothing rough skin.
This process of hair removal involves applying a thin layer of wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth, then smoothing it over with a piece of cloth. As the wax cools it adheres to both the hair and the linen. While holding the skin taut, you pull the linen off in one quick motion against the direction of hair growth. Using the same linen, dab to remove any excess wax.
This method removes hair from the root. In doing so it will leave the waxed area smooth for up to 8 weeks. Waxing can be used on almost any body part, including the upper lip, chin and brow area.
Salon waxing can be pricey. Waxing can now be done at home for a fraction of the cost with ease and convenience, thanks to new developments in hair removal.
Hair Off® has developed quick, easy-to-use, home waxing strips for the face and brow. They are so convenient to use and there is no heating required. You simply prep the area to be waxed, remove the clear plastic seal to expose the product, lay the strip down, smooth firmly and administer a quick pull to remove the unwanted hair.
For larger body parts try Bikini Zone® Microwave Wax. The water-soluble wax microwaves in seconds and applies easily with the spatula provided. Simply press the enclosed cloth Comfort Strip over the hair you want to remove, tug and hair comes away easily. The wax formula is strong enough to remove even stubborn, course hair, yet is gentle on delicate skin.
These creams break down the proteins within the hair to “break” it just below skin level. The product is applied to clean dry skin, which should be free from cuts and abrasions. You should not rub the product in; it should be applied gently in an even layer over the skin. The time for the depilatory to work depends on the product’s directions and the coarseness and thickness of the hair. After 4 minutes you should check the area to monitor the product’s effectiveness. You may have to leave it on a bit longer, but don’t exceed the recommended time. When your hair comes off with a gentle wipe with a damp washcloth, you can remove it. DO NOT RUB! Gently wipe with a washcloth and lukewarm water, rinse thoroughly and pat dry. DO NOT USE SOAP, to avoid possible irritation sometimes caused by the chemicals in the depilatories.
Depilatories reach just below the skin line, where they “break” the hair. This leaves your skin smoother longer than shaving. You should be hair-free for several days or longer depending on your hair type.
Some depilatories are designed for specific areas of the body. Hair Off® offers an easy-to-use, gentle and pleasant-smelling Creme Facial Hair Remover. Formulated for the face with a no-mess applicator, it allows you to apply the formula precisely where it is needed, while keeping your hands clean.
Bikini Zone® Creme Hair Remover is formulated exclusively for your ultra-sensitive bikini area. The gentle yet effective creme formula works in just 4 minutes to thoroughly remove all bikini hair with results that last longer than shaving.
Shaving cuts the hair at skin level with a razor. There are different types of razors on the market, including electric razors that can be used either on wet skin, dry skin or both. In general, a gel or foam is applied to the area to be shaved, which encourages the hairs to stand up, while providing a slippery surface for the blades to glide on. These soapy substances also help in reducing nicks and cuts.
This method only cuts the hair above the skin. The shaven area does not stay smooth for very long. On average you can expect to be silky smooth from 1 to 3 days, depending on your hair.
Shaving can be harsh to the skin for some people. Bikini Zone® offers two different shave gels for various shaving needs.
Finish off your shaving routine with Bikini Zone® Ultra-Smoothing After-Shave Lotion. It instantly stop itching, redness, razor burn and irritation, with Aloe, Vitamin E, hydrating emollients and special ingredients to eliminate razor bumps.